We have two tour options to choose from, either Fully Guided or Self Guided. Pick your adventure!

Fully Guided Tour

Duration : 2 hours +

From $65 per person

Our Fully Guided Tour option is for groups where a minimum of 10 kayaks are booked. Our tours are flexible for your needs. Pick your start and finish time and your duration.

You'll be in good hands as as our tours are guided by an accredited Paddle Australia Flatwater Supervisor who knows the best spots! 

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Self Guided Tour

Duration : up to 2 hours

From $49 per person*

Simply BOOK NOW to start your adventure.

Pick from the available dates on offer and your preferred session start time, either 10.30am or 12.30pm. Then just head to the reservoir. You'll be greeted by a Barossa Kayak Hire representative who will provide you with all the information and equipment to get started.

A complimentary paddle techniques session can be provided for beginners or those needing a brush up.

*Group Discount rates available when 10 or more kayaks are booked.